Butterfly Balloon flights are a true pleasure. We have no time constraints however; you may have tours scheduled so we anticipate flying for an hour, sometimes a little more. We will collect you from your hotel around sunrise (it really is the best time of the day) for the all our flights and take you to the home of Butterfly Balloons in Goreme. You will be offered a light breakfast while our pilots check the weather conditions and decide on the best launch site for the preferred flight path.

Once at the launch site there will be a full safety briefing and you will have first hand experience of the balloon inflation. The crew will help you into the basket and when everyone is happy and comfortable, the moment you have dreamt of...up, up and away!

Below you, a unique landscape, a combination of natural beauty and a deep and complex history. From the balloon you will see it, feel it and fall in love with it.

At the end of a fantastic Butterfly Balloon flight we will celebrate the experience with champagne, shared stories and friendship. Before we return to your hotel, passengers each receive a personalised commemorative flight certificate and our sincere thanks for sharing the best part of our day.

“When you witness the freedom and beauty of a butterfly, make a wish and realise that you may have been touched by an angel.”