Butterfly Filght

Butterfly Flight

We don't use the term standard for this flight as it offers way more than a standard flight in Cappadocia.
Duration is minimum one hour and then some… and our pilots do their utmost to make it one of the most memorable hours of your life. From your pick-up at the hotel through to drop-off, time equals approximately three hours; depending on your hotel's location and the time of year, you will usually be back before 9am and will comfortably be able to join a daily excursion.
of people in the basket ranges from 16. Our baskets are Double-T, which means divided into 5 compartments. The central one is for the pilot and the tanks whilst the four corner compartments are for passengers, so even in our largest balloon there will not be more than 4 in a compartment. We respect our guests’ personal space and believe in leg-room for greatest comfort.
Transfers with minibuses are included to the flight price. We will pick you up around half an hour before sunrise at your hotel and return you after the flight.
Insurance covers both the flight and ground handling and is included. Our passengers, pilots and third parties are covered by our policy for up to 40 Million Euro. We often receive requests from tour operators for the insurance details so have put our policy issued by Eureko BV click here to see.
Breakfast is served at our office before take-off. You can have filter coffee or tea with a selection of pastries and fruit.
Campagne (chilled) is the most important detail of completing a balloon flight for pilots. So we serve the best champagne after each flight with a selection of cakes. Champagne is actually a ballooning tradition; since the Montgolfier brothers made the first flight in 1873 and celebrated a successful landing with champagne. During winter, we also serve mulled wine as the ambient temperature is usually below zero!
Certificates and medal are given as commemorative gifts. Although your pilot might claim that you are licensed to fly with them, don't take it seriously! It's just the side effect of the champagne...
Children between 6 and 12 years old can fly with their parents and they pay the standart rate. Unfortunately we can not accept younger children as they can get a little bored and uncomfortable due to having to stand for an hour plus in the same place
Payment: You can pay the flight fee in many currencies including Euro, Turkish Lira and US Dollar.